Thursday, January 22, 2015

Relationship between writing and design

The relationship between writing and design has a lot to do with good communication. Design is what attracts the reader to your piece. It's what makes them want to keep reading. If the design and actual writing are both interesting, then your story will be so much better. I realize that written communication is more involved and feels deeper when design is involved. I feel that the design of a certain work can make or break it in some cases. Even if your writing is great, without that design to match, readers may not be as interested. When writing and design are together, there's also a lot more communication that could occur. Now the readers can discuss so much more then just the words. The discussions would be a lot more involved as well. Every piece of writing has some form of structure or design to it, but the more you add, the better the overall piece will be. Good design just makes written communication even better.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ideas on blogs

Beth Richardson
college writing 2


I don't have any experience with blogs, and don't know a whole lot about them in general but I find them interesting. I know that many people read blogs on a daily basis to inspire them, give them ideas, information, or opinions on different topics. I think blogs can be useful in a variety of ways. Since there are many different kinds of blogs, anything that you find interesting could potentially be a daily read and become something important in your own life. I think blogs for a lot of people are their way of speaking out on an issue or having their voice hear. It's a way that people can also share their ideas in hopes that it may help others. In my head when I think blogger, I usually think of someone who is into fashion or media. I  know that their are many different types of blogs, so therefore I don't really think a blogger is just one kind of person. People use blogs in a variety of different ways so there's not one mold you have to fit in to be a blogger. I think a blog could have many uses in my life. It could be for entertainment on things in the media or just someone's own life story. I also think blogs could be useful in finding ideas on fashion, design, sports, food, pictures. Blogs could open my eyes to different cultures and could help me learn about things happening all around the world.