Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Work, Career, Vocation

I think my work right now consists of me working as a student. My job right now is being in college and all the necessities that go along with working towards my eventual career choice. I'd like to think I am a good worker, hard worker, and someone who doesn't really mind a lot of work. In any previous job i've ever had I prefer to be doing something than just standing around. I guess that means that I fairly enjoy working. Work can be a variety of different things but I think a career is a set of specific goals, attitudes, and actions.

Career, is more than just work in my opinion. I think Careers take years of learning and training.  In my near future hopefully after graduating, I hope to have a career as an Athletic Training. I think Careers are something you plan to do for your life or at least a large portion of it. Your career should be something you're good at and something you enjoy. A career is something you strive for and work can just be a stepping stone to get there.

Vocation, is your calling, which can be much different from your work or career. I'm not entirely sure what my vocation in life is yet but I hope it's something along the lines of helping other people. My intended career choice is athletic training, in which you help injured athletes but I hope to do more than just the regular routine. If possible, I'd like to find my vocation and live it out through a career that I love and have passion for.

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