Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Purpose Statement for Research Paper

Topic: My topic is going to be under the branch of Athletic Training, I'm not sure yet if I want to focus on Rehab techniques or athlete psychology, both of which are parts of being an athletic trainer.

Purpose: If I choose to go with the rehab part of athletic training, I'll ask the question: What are proper rehabilitation techniques to ensure good recovery for athletes? Which ones work the most effectively? Which techniques are a waste of time? I might have to focus on one specific injury in order to get the best results for my research.
Or if I choose to focus on athlete psychology: What does it take to get an athlete back to play, mentally? What are strategies to ensure the athletic feels completely ready to go back to their sport?

Audience: The audience for my paper, could be other athletic trainers or possibly physical therapists. Some athletes might also be interested for reasons concerning themselves.

Context: The time and place of the audience affect this paper, because my research will be scientific based. Science is always changing and new studies are always developing so the time greatly affects my credibility and how the audience will feel about the paper. Some controversy may be that physical therapists should be the ones who handle all rehab processes, or that sport psychologists should be the ones to handle those situations versus athletic trainers. Also different opinions of rehab techniques or psych styles may work differently for other people. 

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