Thursday, February 12, 2015

Purpose Statement and Design Plan for Photo Essay

Purpose statement:
Motivation: one motivator for this project is to inform others on the importance of the athletic training occupation, or to make others feel more positively about the subject. Other motivators are simply interest in this topic and maybe to even learn more about it for my hopeful career choice.
2.  I’m hoping to inform or even persuade others to realize what athletic training is about and how physical fitness and prevention are very important. I would like to open some eyes to all that athletic trainers do in their job and possibly make others want to become an athletic trainer. .
3. There’s not really one event that makes me want to communicate this message with others. I have always been interested in sports and injuries. It’s been a part of my family life since I can remember. The day I realized I wanted to become an athletic trainer, I became interested even more in all aspects about fitness and prevention. I have always enjoyed that environment and hope that by communicating this message to others they might become interested too.
4. The best possible outcome of this communication would be if the audience became interested in improving their physical health or helping others to do so. The worst possible outcome I think would be if those who already had negative opinions didn’t change at all.
5. My communication could potentially change how others feel about themselves and people they care about. From learning and understanding reasons why athletic trainers are necessary in schools, and the different duties associated, my communication could make a difference on the way some people think or feel about athletic training.

1.      List of characteristics of audience: young, fit, hopeful, bored, any race or background, athletes, girl and boys, classmates, sports enthusiasts, bosses of sports medicine clinics or schools.  
2.      I can imagine some audience members feeling motivated. Some may want to learn more information or possibly consider changing their view on athletic trainers.  I can also imagine other members feeling bored and not interested at all in the topic. Some audience members who aren’t interested in sports or exercise science may find my presentation irrelevant.
3.      Filtering my list down I think the main audience would be young athletes or those who are interested in athletic training or fitness. Also anyone who is already in the field,that could use my presentation as a possible promotion technique.
1.      The time of communication will take place in class. So depending on when I present, the audience may feel more or less attentive to my work. The exact time doesn’t really matter because every person in the audience is feeling different. Some might be tired, hungry, or thinking about something else.
2.      The communication will take place in the classroom. The class isn’t too large and the style of presentation won’t be formal. The expectations of the audience I don’t think will be too high because everyone has to complete the same assignment, therefore comfort level will be pretty good.
3.      The time and place shape your audience’s expectations because depending on the mood set in that particular environment, people will be feeling or focusing on different things. In this setting of my communication, the audience expectations wouldn’t be as high as a business presentation or something that everyone involved would depend on. 

 Design Plan

Purpose:  After learning more about this project, I want to raise the question of why are athletic trainers necessary? What are the components involved in their daily job? What aspects of physical fitness are athletic trainers involved in? What are the advantages of having one or more athletic trainer? I want to use the photographs I took to further my point of the necessities of athletic trainers in schools and also to possibly promote the profession and teach people more about it.
Medium & Production: I am using photographs for this project. I have taken one photography class before, but I still don’t think I’m that great at the creative aspect of what to actually take pictures of. For this photo essay I know I need to focus on the different elements that make up being an athletic trainer. One of the classrooms I have two classes in has athletic training tables and other equipment I could take advantage of to get good photos. I plan on taking many different pictures at all different views to find a couple that will make my message stand out. I plan to take pictures of different environments where different sports and activities take place. I want to have comparison pictures of for example: the gym with athletes in it, and the gym empty. I hope this message will promote the idea of the necessity of athletic trainers and also tie into fitness in some way.
Composition elements: For the design of the power point, I’m going to keep it pretty simple. I want my pictures to stand out more than the background, so I’m choosing a basic color theme. I’d also like to keep the typeface kind of plain, but also make it stand out more so than a basic fount. I’m choosing a typeface that I feel fits with the tone of my project.
Ethos: My ethos approach for this project is hopefully going to be someone who is clearly interested and passionate for this topic. I don’t want to come across as though I know everything about this profession, because I still have a lot to learn. I hope by the questions I am raising to my audience, they can start to question more about the importance of athletic training and more about the job itself.
Pathos: The pathos approach for my essay will hopefully invoke is curiosity. From the way I chose to edit my photos and place them in the power point I hope to make a creative statement. I know the question I am posing isn’t that deep, so by the power of  photographs using different editing techniques, I can hopefully make my presentation seem more serious. I framed photographs and took them all in a way where the cropping was focusing on one thing or making a picture that could be boring more interesting to look at.
Logos: My argument is based on multiple pictures to match with each duty of an athletic trainer. I will have 2 or more pictures on every slide to emphasis the need for trainers in schools. I think by adding more than one photo for each purpose, it makes my argument stronger by having several examples for each statement.  I will arrange my photos in order from least to most important duties.

Arrangement: My topic isn’t as hard hitting as a question as some might be, so I feel that I need more slides to prove my stance. I will have one title page opening my question, then 6 or 7 slides to follow explaining each of the duties of an athletic trainer and why it’s necessary to have one. I might even include comparisons of the benefits of having an AT versus not. With each slide, I hope to provide more and more examples to keep the topic moving along smoothly and open the minds of the audience.
Testing: I will ask other classmates to view my photos and narrative. I will explain my purpose and design for this project to them so they understand what I’m trying to do and give me feedback. I’m hoping people that are in my classes specific to athletic training can give me advice on what to include or what to take out of my power point.

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